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Your Car's Best Friend!
Your Car's Best Friend!

How to Tell When Your Suspension Is Going Out

Your car’s suspension is the structure that supports your vehicle and includes shocks and struts. A well-functioning suspension is what gives you control over your car when stopping or turning; thus, proper maintenance in this area is essential to safe driving.
There are several signs that tell you when it is time to get your suspension checked out. Here are the main ones:
1. Uneven Wear on Your Tires
Check your tire treads. Uneven wear or worn-down spots can result when pressure on the tires is unequal. This happens when the suspension is no longer supporting your car evenly and is beginning to give out.
2. Imperfect Control When Turning
When turning your car, you should feel total control over your vehicle. If your car is drifting or pulling against the turn, this is a sign that the shocks on your suspensions are weakening and unable to stabilize your car’s body.
3. Bumps and Bounces
Today’s cars are designed to ride smoothly. If you notice that you are feeling a bump whenever you drive over even a slightly uneven surface, or that your car bounces when it goes over a bump, this means that your suspension is beginning to wear out.
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