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Your Car's Best Friend!
Your Car's Best Friend!

Going on a Road Trip? Have Your Vehicle Inspected

Vehicle Inspection
Going on a road trip in your everyday vehicle involves more than simply topping off the gas and checking the oil. You want your vehicle to make it to your destination safely and in one piece. Here are some inspections and services that a mechanic should perform on your vehicle prior to setting out on the road for your next adventure.

Replace Car Oil

Unless you've had a very recent oil change, it's best to go to the mechanic for an oil change prior to setting out on an extensive road trip. You should also buy a few quarts of the same oil your mechanic uses in your car so when you check your oil periodically during your drive, you have the right oil to top off your oil reservoir to keep your engine going strong.

Check the Tires

The last thing you want on your road trip is a blow-out on the road. Being stranded on the side of the road waiting for a tow truck is no fun, and a tire blow-out can be dangerous and cause an accident.

Your tires should be free of bulges and bald spots. If your tires are lacking in tread, replace all four tires. If your tires are in decent condition, have your mechanic rotate your tires so you continue to have even tread wear throughout your trip.

Check the Fluids

All fluids, from your transmission to your radiator should be checked, drained, and refilled as your mechanic sees fit. Your car is about to embark on a long journey that will likely use more engine power and fluids as a result, and you don't want to cause engine troubles by assuming your fluids are at decent levels. 

Even if you opt to check and fill your car's fluids yourself, make sure you check underneath your vehicle for any signs of leaks. You can also check for leaks under the hood: a worn hose or leaking reservoir will leave drops of fluid or stains under the hood.

Check the Lights

Have your mechanic make sure your head, tail, and blinker lights are working as they should. Your mechanic can also clean your light covers to give you greater brightness while on the road.

If your headlight beams are not aiming straight your visibility during night road trip driving can be compromised, especially as you drive through unknown territory. Your mechanic can adjust your headlights and replace bulbs as needed.

Check Your Battery

Your car's battery may need replacing, even if your vehicle starts (most of the time) without issue. Your mechanic can test your battery for you and help you choose a new battery if yours is old or worn. The average car battery lasts around four years with regular driving.

Test Drive Your Car

After the mechanic makes these minor adjustments and repairs to your vehicle, have them take your car for a test drive. Your mechanic will be able to sense if other issues are wrong with your vehicle that need immediate attention, such as:
  • Braking issues
  • Problems shifting up or down
  • Poor vehicle alignment
  • Shock absorption problems
A test drive is necessary to make sure your car is road-trip ready. An honest mechanic will give you a detailed explanation of what is wrong with the car and how they can repair it.
Your road trip will be a much safer and more fun experience once you know your vehicle is up to the task. Remember, your car is used to everyday driving, not vast miles of driving at freeway speeds, so always have your car inspected prior to embarking on a long journey. Our team of mechanics at White's Automotive Center will ensure your vehicle is in its best condition - call us today.
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